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The sky is the limit

The land that Red Deer Regional Airport is situated on represents a tremendous development opportunity for future commercial and industrial activities. This is due to its proximity to major markets and key transportation links in Western Canada. Currently, Red Deer Regional Airport is working with multiple partners to diversify our markets, and develop over 800,000 m2 of prime aviation real estate.

Airport Authority Applications

All development proposal applications at the Red Deer Regional Airport require formal review by the Red Deer Regional Airport Authority (Airport Authority) prior to approval. A completed Construction and Installation Permit (CIP) application (PDF) and any materials deemed necessary by the Airport Authority must be submitted by the Applicant before the review process can proceed.

New Development / Modifications

New development or modifications to an existing building at the Red Deer Regional Airport will first contact the Red Deer Regional Airport CEO and identify the nature of the business, the land requirements and the types of buildings/structures to be constructed/modified at the proposed site. For more information, please send us an email.

Serviced Lots Unserviced Lots
from $2.70/m2 from $2.50/m2

2020 Land Development Promotion Booklet

Now available for download in five different languages!

Hangars for Lease

View available hangers and land listings at Red Deer Regional Airport.

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