Make it a smooth landing

Red Deer Regional Airport welcomes aircrafts and flight operators from all over the globe. Our goal is to keep Alberta’s Low Cost Airport accessible, safe and satisfactory for our industry users. If you plan on landing an aircraft at YQF Airport, be sure to learn more about our available services and fees.

Aircraft Landing Fee

Weight (MTOW) (KGs) Rate per 1000 Kilograms
Less than 1,650 kg $0.00
1,650 kg + $3.56

Apron Fee

Weight (MTOW) (KGs) Rate per Seat
Less than 1,650 kg $0.00
1,650 kg + $9.50

Note 1: All weights are based on the maximum takeoff weight (MTOW). These weights are determined by matching aircraft type with the weight listed in Transport Canada publication TP143, Air Traffic Designators.

Note 2: Emergency Landings – No landing fees will be applied if an aircraft is required to return to the Red Deer Regional Airport and land due to a mechanical or medical emergency.

Aircraft Parking Rate

Aircraft stopping or parking on airport property for a period of more than 30 minutes will be assessed a parking fee. Any period of 24 hours or portion thereof is counted as one day.

Aircraft MROW (KGs) Daily Fee Monthly Fee Annual Fee
Less than 1,650 $7.00 $50.55 $285
1,650 to 5,000 $8.86 $102.75 $431.55
5,001 to 10,000 $14.23 $295.98 $1,243.17
10,001 to 30,000 $24.50 $539.23
30,001 to 60,000 $36.65 $883.40
60,001 + $55.63 $1,165.46


De-icing services are provided by Tucana Aviation Services (Red Deer Regional Airport’s FBO) on the main apron of the airport.

Please visit their website for more information and pricing, or contact Tucana directly at:

Tucana Aviation Services

Phone: 403.596.6320

Fuel Services

Refuelling of aircraft is only permitted on the following surfaces:

  • Apron 1 (Under an exclusive agreement with Tucana Aviation Services)
  • Apron 2
  • Apron 3

Please contact any of the below listed authorized providers for fuel services at the Red Deer Regional Airport:

Authorized Provider Phone Number
Tucana Aviation Service (AV/JET) 403.596.6320
Hillman Air Ltd. (AV) 403.886.4187

Additional Information

For more information on any of the fees, please contact the Airport Administration office at 403.886.4388 or send us an email. Appropriate fees, as per the schedule, will be applied to inbound and outbound flights.