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Questions about Red Deer Regional Airport? Find the answers you’re looking for to our most frequently asked questions, below.

Is there public transportation to and from the airport?2022-02-23T21:30:30-07:00

Public transportation service is not currently available at the Red Deer Regional Airport. Click here for more information on ground transportation options including taxi and car rental services.

How do I submit a noise concern?2022-02-23T21:43:12-07:00

If you have a noise complaint related to aviation activity near Red Deer Regional Airport, visit this page for more information and to submit a formal complaint. 

Can I rent a vehicle from the airport?2022-02-23T21:56:40-07:00

Vehicle rentals are NOT available at the Red Deer Regional Airport. Contact Enterprise Rent-A-Car ahead of your travel date to arrange a vehicle rental in the city of Red Deer.

Where do I find Publications & Policies?2022-02-23T21:58:42-07:00

Click here to find publications and policies by Red Deer Regional Airport.

How do I find parking?2022-02-23T22:06:03-07:00

Free parking is available for guests of Red Deer Regional Airport. Our uncovered parking lot is located directly east of the Charter Terminal building.

What is the best way to contact the airport?2022-02-23T22:13:16-07:00

Please visit our Contact Us page for general inquiries and contact information for Red Deer Regional Airport’s internal departments. 

How do I get in contact with the right department?2022-02-23T22:21:06-07:00

Find phone numbers for our internal departments below. For more information on contacting YQF Airport, click here

  • Administration | 403.886.4388
  • Operations | 403.318.7842
  • Safety & Security | 403.350.6766
How can I get in contact with the leadership team?2022-02-23T22:25:44-07:00

To get in touch with our leadership team, please visit our About Us page for email and phone contact information. 

How do I advertise with the Red Deer Regional Airport?2022-02-23T22:30:52-07:00

Advertising opportunities are currently available! To learn more about advertising with Red Deer Regional Airport, click here

How do I apply for Employment Opportunities?2022-02-23T22:37:20-07:00

Visit our Careers page to see available employment opportunities at Red Deer Regional Airport.

How do I apply for my Construction & Installation Permit?2022-02-23T22:44:41-07:00
How do I get to the Red Deer Airport?2022-02-23T22:47:51-07:00
How do I submit a safety or security concern?2022-03-14T15:38:56-06:00

If you have a safety or security concern related to Red Deer Regional Airport, please submit a detailed report using our online Safety/Security Concerns form.

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