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Red Deer Regional Airport is home to 20+ aviation-related businesses, over 250 employees, and is operated and managed by the Red Deer Regional Airport Authority (RDRAA). The Airport Authority ensures airport access and full operational abilities 365 days a year, with a staff of fewer than 10 individuals. Our leadership team consists of Nancy Paish, Derwin Hein, Lindi McDermid and Ashley Nelson.

Red Deer Regional Airport Authority operates as a non-profit, non-share capital corporation, with bylaws documenting our governance. Our Board of Directors is comprised of 12 appointed directors representing the community at large; they are tasked with providing governance to the RDRAA and developing our strategic direction. The City of Red Deer and Red Deer County share the appointment of Airport Board members equally.

Nancy Paish
Nancy Paish
Interim. Chief Executive Officer
Derwin Hein
Derwin Hein
Director, Airport Operations
Lindi McDermid
Lindi McDermid
Director, Safety & Security
Ashley Nelson
Ashley Nelson
Interim. Director, Business Development & Communications

Board of Directors

Red Deer Regional Airport Directors

Iaian Park – Chair

Casey Setters – Vice Chair

Ken Schulzke – Past Chair

Andy Metzger
Peter Clow
John MacKenzie

Dan Fairbrother
Ray Miller
Garett Couples

John Donald
Emeka Nwachukwu
Mindi Ganson

Board Advisors

John Sennema
Sandra Badry
Trista Carey

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Our future is bright

We held a strategic planning session in October 2019, that involved key stakeholders from the board, the City of Red Deer and Red Deer County, as well as the Airport’s management team and staff. Together, participants worked over the two days to align the organizational and operational goals for the next five years. Through a collaborative approach with our major stakeholders, we are proud to lead Red Deer Regional Airport’s successful operations guided by our strategic direction.


The Aviation Gateway and Key Economic Driver for Central Alberta


To operate an affordable and sustainable regional airport that serves our community and stakeholders responsibly.

Core Values

  • Safety – We are committed to protecting our stakeholders from internal threats.
  • Security – We are committed to protecting our stakeholders from external threats.
  • Service – We value our stakeholders, and commit to serving them well.

Strategic Goals

  • Business Development – Provide premium products and services to attract and retain quality and diversified revenue streams leading to long-term viability and retention of quality customers.
  • Operational Excellence – Lead and manage the business to achieve financial stability, improve infrastructure, and industry-leading operational and safety practices.
  • Community Leadership – Develop opportunities to create awareness with local residents, the region, and provincial governments, contribute to the community, and develop local pride and engagement.
  • Financial Sustainability – Ensure the airport is committed to generating the types of returns necessary in order to support its future operating and capital requirements.