Airside Land Available for Sale or Lease at Red Deer Regional Airport.

Red Deer Regional Airport Authority is positioned with the unique opportunity to sell or lease 800,000 sq m of airside land for as low as $2.00 per square meter. As a low cost airport, this land also comes with competitive aviation service rates, no business tax, and safe, secure, and efficient service.

Construction of phase 1 of the expansion project is underway on key infrastructure upgrades including the widening of the main runwayfrom 30 meters to 45 meters, and strengthening the main apron and taxiway. Once complete, these upgrades will allow the airport to attract the types of businesses and aircrafts commonly associated with low-cost airlines, cargo operators, and heavy aircraft maintenance/repair facilities.

Mayor Wood of Red Deer County states, “This is definitely exciting news; the Red Deer Regional Airport, located in Red Deer County, is situated along one of the busiest transportation hubs in the province. This expansion will provide huge economic benefits to central Alberta.”

Mayor Ken Johnston of the City of Red Deer states, “The Red Deer Regional Airport is a regional amenity that supports the whole of Alberta. Investment into our regional airport translates to not only potential for increased passengers, revenues and regional economic development, but also opportunities to generate employment at a time when the economy and the travel industry needs it most.”

Graham Ingham, Red Deer Regional Airport Authority CEO states, “As Alberta’s low cost airport, the growth potential and opportunities at the airport all support the opportunity to be Alberta’s first low cost airport, specifically designed to support Ultra Low Cost Carriers, Passengers and Aviation Logistics and cargo. As a key economic driver, the development of the airport’s north end with aviation related business, further supports the economic growth for the region and our vision as an airport.”

Red Deer Regional Airport is an attractive location to build aviation business, with access to airside land at a low price, and safe, secure, and efficient service. If you are interested in the opportunity to develop your business at the airport and to play a significant role in helping to drive future economic growth and prosperity for Central Alberta, please contact Graham Ingham at

More information has been included at: North End Development