Available Land & Developers

The Red Deer Regional Airport is proud to partner with land development organizations who will grow our region and provide support within our aviation community. Below you will find resources and contact information. Should you provide any additional support, please contact the Red Deer Regional Airport. 

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Development Areas At YQF

All Developers Land Development Map
Development Map Legend
  1. Rice Group
  2. EFC Developments
  3. Saturn Power

RIce Group Contact Information

Rice Group is a vertically integrated retail, industrial, and infrastructure developer with a proven track record of executing on its project strategies.

Currently, the Rice Group has access to over 62,000m2 of prime runway-adjacent real estate at the Red Deer Regional Airport. For printable information regarding this development area, please visit the Rice Group Website.

Rice Group Building Core Drawing

Rice Group Land Development MapRIce Group Leasing Agents Contact Information