Airside Access

Below you will see a list of items required to attain the proper clearance and documentation for your business at the Red Deer Regional Airport. Please select the category that best explains your required access, and complete the steps below listed for your classification. Should you have any questions regarding this process, please feel free to reach out to our Director, Safety and Security. 

* Please Note: High Visibility Vests and Valid Airport Identification are required at all times when accessing Red Deer Regional Airport air-side property * 

  1. Airside Access
  2. Airside + Apron
  3. Airside + Apron + Taxiway
  4. Runways & Other Access

This access is required if you are an individual who requires airside access without driving privileges. 

Examples of these employees may be: 

  • Operations
  • Administration

Please complete steps in the following order to attain this level of security clearance, and receive a Restricted Area Pass (RAP).

  1. Apply for a Restricted Area Pass (RAP) via the web form found HERE. You will be contacted and sent the appropriate Consolidated Security Application for your needs.
  2. Return the Application form to the Director, Safety and Security.
  3. An appointment will be set up to complete the process, including taking a head and shoulder photo for the RAP.