Airside Access at Red Deer Airport

Red Deer Airport is a regulated airport under the Canadian Aviation Regulations. 
One controlled access point for pedestrian traffic and two controlled access points for vehicles are available.

  • All common areas at Red Deer Airport are access controlled
  • Gates require an ACCESS CARD issued by the Airport Authority
  • Unless you have an ACCESS CARD you will be unable to enter airside of Red Deer Airport through common area gates
  • Visiting pilots can enter/exit airside through the Red Deer Airport Terminal Building

1. Access System Locations
Our airside gate access system controls both vehicle and pedestrian entry to the common airside areas of Red Deer Airport as follows:

  • Gate #4 (vehicle gate next to the Terminal Bldg – South side)
  • Gate #5 (person gate next to Terminal Bldg – North side)
  • Gate #10 (vehicle gate next to Air Spray Hangar – North side)

Access to airside is still possible through tenant leased or owned premises, however, the airport tenant has a legal obligation to control access to airside and must take whatever measures they consider necessary to control their access.

2. Access System Operation
Access is by ACCESS CARD held closely to the access point reader. Use of this system is required for entry and exit for each gate. Each use of the gate will be electronically recorded and this data is subject to the provisions of the Privacy Act.

3. Use by Visiting Pilots and Passengers
Red Deer Airport does not offer a 24 hr presence on the airport by authority personnel and is prohibited from displaying access codes that can be compromised.

Visiting pilots will not have a Red Deer Airport specific ACCESS CARD, but by definition have a right of access to the airport, and more importantly a need to be able to get back airside to their aircraft. Access to and from airside can take place through the terminal building.

Deliveries:  All deliveries airside are to take place between 8 AM and 4 PM and should be registered with the airport. Gate access can be granted for this single purpose by calling the Administration Office at 403.886.4388.

Airside Gate Access / Exit
8:00 AM – 4:30 PM – Mon to Fri

After Hours
Airport Operations