Have you always wanted a behind-the-scenes look at Red Deer Airport?
You don’t need a plane ticket to get to know the airport better!

Many people find airports fascinating, and Red Deer Airport is no exception. Our Airport Group Tours are designed primarily to educate the youth of our community, but we have found it to be quite popular with explorers of all ages. We encourage groups through schools or organized events, as teaching our youth about career opportunities in aviation is vital!

As part of the Red Deer Airport Group Tours, you will be able to visit Air Spray and have the opportunity to learn about the runway system and get in close proximity of aircraft.

Monday to Friday
9:30AM or 1:30PM Tour Times (Dates/Times Preselected)
2 weeks notice required


  • 6 years old and under require 1 adult for every 3 children
  • 7-10 years old require 1 adult for every 6 children
  • 11+ years old require 1 adult for every 10 children

Red Deer Airport Group Tours are available by appointment only. For more details or to book a tour, please contact:


Attn: Marketing & Communications